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  • APUH — American Public Holdings, Inc. (Business » NASDAQ Symbols) …   Abbreviations dictionary

  • apomorphine — /æpəˈmɔfin/ (say apuh mawfeen) noun an artificial crystalline alkaloid prepared from morphine, formerly used in the form of the hydrochloride as an emetic and expectorant. Also, apomorphin /æpəˈmɔfən/ (say apuh mawfuhn), apomorphia /æpəˈmɔfiə/… …   Australian English dictionary

  • apothecium — /æpəˈθisiəm/ (say apuh theeseeuhm) noun (plural apothecia /æpəˈθisiə/ (say apuh theeseeuh)) the fruit of certain lichens, usually an open, saucer or cup shaped body, the inner surface of which is covered with a layer which bears asci. {New Latin …   Australian English dictionary

  • apagoge — /æpəˈgoʊdʒi/ (say apuh gohjee) noun the technique of indirectly proving something by showing that the alternative is false, impossible, or absurd. {Greek: a leading away} –apagogic /æpəˈgɒdʒɪk/ (say apuh gojik), apagogical, adjective… …   Australian English dictionary

  • apodeixis — /æpəˈdeɪksɪs/ (say apuh dayksis) noun Logic an apodictic proof. Also, apodixis /æpəˈdɪksəs/ (say apuh diksuhs). {Greek: demonstration} …   Australian English dictionary

  • apodictic — /æpəˈdɪktɪk/ (say apuh diktik) adjective 1. incontestable because demonstrated or demonstrable. 2. Logic descriptive of a proposition (in Aristotelian logic) or a judgement (in Kantian), the truth of which it claims to be necessary. Also,… …   Australian English dictionary

  • apomixis — /æpəˈmɪksəs/ (say apuh miksuhs) noun (plural apomixes /æpəˈmɪksiz/ (say apuh mikseez)) reproduction which replaces or is a substitute for sexual reproduction, so that all progeny so derived have the same genetic constitution. {Greek, from apo +… …   Australian English dictionary

  • apostrophe — I. /əˈpɒstrəfi / (say uh postruhfee) noun the sign ( ) used to indicate: 1. the omission of one or more letters in a word, as in o er for over, halo d for haloed. 2. the possessive case, as in lion s, lions . 3. certain plurals, as in several MD… …   Australian English dictionary

  • Appalachian — /æpəˈleɪʃən/ (say apuh layshuhn), US /æpəˈleɪtʃiən/ (say apuh laycheeuhn) adjective Geology relating to the major mountain building episode which occurred in eastern North America in the late Devonian and early Mississippian periods …   Australian English dictionary

  • apparatchik — /æpəˈrætʃɪk/ (say apuh rachik) noun (plural apparatchiki /æpəˈrætʃiki/ (say apuh racheekee)) 1. an official in the Communist Party bureaucracy governing the former Soviet Union, usually depicted as being mindlessly devoted to its procedures and… …   Australian English dictionary

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